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Checks for Baby

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancyYour baby will receive a number of checks, some straight after birth and some over the next few weeks. A midwife will visit both you and baby at home for check ups.

Vitamin K:

Current evidence supports the administration of vitamin K to all babies, to prevent vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB). A new formulation of vitamin K is available, which can be given either intramuscularly (the preferred route) or orally.

Hip Check:

All babies born at Hutt Hospital will have a Hip Check done by an Orthopaedic Specialist. They will move your baby’s legs and hip joints, checking for anomalies. If further investigation is required it will be discussed with you. This is normally check before your baby is discharged home, or an appointment will be made for your baby.

Red Eye Reflex:

The red eye reflex is tested by shining a light in your baby’s eyes. A normal red eye reflex shows like what you see in a photo. It can highlight early problems with baby’s eyesight. This is checked before you take baby home.

Newborn Hearing Screening:

This is a test performed by training newborn hearing screeners, and is to pick up hearing loss in babies at an early stage. Your baby will be screened at hospital while you are staying there, or an appointment will be arranged.

Metabolic Screening:

This is sometimes referred to as a Guthrie Test or Heel prick. A sample of your baby’s blood is collected onto a card by a small prick in their heel; this is usually after your baby has been feeding for over 24 hours.


This is a vaccination against Tuberculosis that may be offered to your baby. You may have answered some screening questions with the midwife to see if it is recommended that your baby received the vaccination.

Paediatric Check:

I advocate your baby having a Paediatric check prior to 6 weeks old, and will refer you to a Paediatrician, they will arrange for your baby to have a check up at their rooms, an appointment will be sent.

Well Child Provider:

When your baby is about 4-6 weeks old the home visiting midwife will discharge your baby out to a Well Child Provider. This may be Plunket, Tamariki Ora or Pacific Island Health. The well child programme is a series of health assessments and supports for children and their families from birth to five years.

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