Pregnancy Care

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancyCongratulations!!!

Pregnancy is a very exciting and a daunting time in a couples’ life. I look forward to taking you through this journey.


In choosing my practice I will take on the role of your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). An LMC is responsible for coordinating your pregnancy care. This includes organising any monitoring, procedures and tests that should be offered during pregnancy, including blood tests and ultrasound scans.

At around 23 weeks, I will refer you to a midwife, who will contact you and give you information and show you around the Birthing Unit at Hutt Hospital. They will assist you with your birth planning; discuss labour and birth care, postnatal visits and support. They will see you again later in pregnancy at approximately 36 weeks, and after your baby is born.

I recommend that you register for antenatal classes. These usually start at around 28 weeks. Classes will provide you with more information on pregnancy, labour and birth, and information about your new baby. They will also provide you with the opportunity to meet other prospective parents.

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancySome of the organization that offer these classes are:

Making appointments

The ideal time to see me for your first visit is between 8-10 weeks pregnant. This enables us to discuss the range of screening tests that occur in pregnancy. Ring Boulcott Specialist Centre on 569 7555 and ask for our Receptionist to make an appointment.


You will be seen as often as clinically required, but your routine visits for check ups are usually every 4 weeks during the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy, increasing to two weekly until 36 weeks, and weekly until delivery.

At each appointment you can expect to have your urine tested (for protein) and blood pressure monitored. I will also examine your abdomen to check baby’s growth, position and heart beat, and perform a scan to check for baby’s growth. These scans are basic bedside scans and are not intended to pick up any physical abnormalities with the baby. If there are any concerns, I refer you to Specialist Radiologist services.

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