Post Natal Mum

At Hospital

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancyAfter your baby is born, most women stay 1-5 nights on the Post Natal Ward; this varies depending on your needs, mode of delivery and may be in shared rooms. You will have support from the Hutt Maternity Unit post natal midwives whilst there. If your delivery was complicated it may be recommended that you stay longer. This will be discussed with you.

If your delivery was uncomplicated you also have the option to go home after delivery, this is called Planned Early Discharge. This can be discussed as part of your birth planning and again at the time of delivery.


While you are in hospital the midwives will assist you to feed your baby, helping you with learning your baby’s needs and recognising when your baby is hungry, what is a good breastfeeding latch and knowing when your baby needs to be settled. This can often be a difficult time, as your body recovers from the birth, and you learn to cope with your new baby.

It is my practice to advocate that breast feeding is ideal for your baby, and will support your chosen preferences. If your breastfeeding is not going ‘according to plan’ there are lots of support avenues to try.

At Home

When you are discharged from the hospital you will have a home visiting midwife. They will visit 5-6 times over the next 4-6 weeks. At their visits they will talk about your general health and well being, breast feeding, your bleeding, and baby care.

It is important that you

Some women experience what is called the “Blues” about 4 days after their baby is born, this is a common experience, and will pass. In some situations women may develop Post Natal Depression. If you or your support network has concerns about this, discuss it with the visiting midwife.

Along side your home visits from a midwife you will have a six week check up with me at Boulcott Clinic.

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