Partners And Support

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancyPregnancy is a very special time. There are many things that partners and support people can do during the pregnancy. Family and friends can also support the pregnant woman in many ways.

Attend pregnancy check ups and any ultrasound scans.

Read up – there is a wide variety of information about pregnancy and parenting available. This can also create confusion with differing opinions; discuss it between yourselves and with us if needed.

Help with planning for your baby, both in the birth plan for labour care, and at home. What do you need to get for baby eg cot, clothes etc. What do your family and friends have that you are able to borrow.

Attend antenatal classes. This will help you understand more about pregnancy and your newborn baby, and provide you the opportunity to meet others.

Help your partner or pregnant person stay healthy. Support good eating habits, watch what you eat too. Eliminate alcohol from your diet as well. Avoid illegal drugs. Help you partner avoid harmful chemicals, such as household cleaners, paints and insecticides.

Encourage your partner to exercise – get out there with her.

Encourage rest and relaxation where ever possible – she is growing a baby. Do those household chores.

Understand the different changes both you and your partner are going through as your prepare for parenthood. Pregnancy causes many changes in how a woman feels about how her body is changing. You can still have sex. Talk to each other about what feels good.

Family and friends can also offer great support during pregnancy by helping out. If you have other children, are your friends able to help out to give you a rest. Assisting with things like picking up the groceries, providing freezer meals, and help with household chores will be appreciated by most expecting parents.

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