Labour And Birth

Meera Sood Gynaecology and PregnancyWhen you are visited by a Midwife to discuss your birth plan they will talk more about when and who to call. This is guiding information only. If you have concerns you should ring the midwives in the Hutt Delivery Suite on 569 7535 or 5666 999 ext 8174.

When to ring: Usual reasons to call would be

I utilise the birthing facilities and Midwifery staff at Hutt Hospital Delivery Suite.

How to get to Delivery Suite, Hutt Hospital:

The Delivery Suite is on the second floor of the Heretaunga building. This is the tallest building on the Campus.

You can get to Delivery Suite through the main High Street entrance (Gate 2) from 6.30am to 8.30pm. Outside those hours please enter through the Emergency Department off Pilmuir Street.

Pain Relief:

When you are in labour there are options available for pain relief. Each of these options will be discussed further by the Midwife when doing your birth plan and with myself.

I recommend that you use active birthing techniques like staying mobile, massage and the use of the bath to relax. Both Pethidine and/or and Epidural are also available at Hutt Hospital.


The Delivery Suite Midwives will call when you arrive. I will attend the labour process as clinically indicated, and for the birth of baby. There will be a midwife to look after you throughout the labour. I use hospital midwives for your labour care which means that you might have a different midwife during the course of your labour with the changing shift.

Whilst I aim for women to have a vaginal delivery in some circumstances you may need to birth your baby with assistance of a forceps or ventouse delivery and in some circumstances your baby may need to be born by Caesarean Section. This would be discussed with you as needed.

Hutt neonatal unit does not accept babies deliver before 32 weeks. Therefore, all deliveries prior to that are usually transferred to Wellington Hospital or occasionally elsewhere in the country if Wellington can’t accept them.

At times I take leave I will arrange another Specialist to cover my practice.

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